i woke up like dis

I’m such an idiot at initiating things dammit

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So I dyed my cats pink with leftover beet water. No regrets! <3 :D
I had to wash them because of some oil spill they had gotten into, and chose to use the beet water, which is perfectly safe. I had no idea it would really make them this pink.

date a grill

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holy shit this high school asshole just accidentally liked my instagram pic while creeping me and then unliked it hahahahahahaha

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date a girl who reads

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literally thats all anyone would need to tell me to get me to hate john green

"did you know in one of his books the two main characters make out in the anne frank house"

thats literally making out with someone at a holocaust memorial that’s awful what the fuck

especially in the context of the scene, like they act like they’re Taking It Back For True Love bc no one else appreciates the anne frank house in the right way, i love when white christians reclaim holocaust memorials


some boys at my school started a men’s rights club so today i listened at the door to hear what they were talking about and they were arguing over how to pronounce femininity